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Tortoise Trust Foundation Course in Tortoise and Turtle Care

​Frequently asked questions

​Q. How do I find out more about these courses?

A.  Just email us and we will send you further details

​Q. ​How do I access my lessons?

A.  ​These are emailed to you as a password protected PDF file. You will be allocated a unique set of  passwords to enable you to access each lesson.

​Q. ​Can I take these courses by mail?

A.  No. The course is now only avalable online.

​Q. ​Is the course entirely online i.e., would I need an open connection throughout - or is the course material downloaded and replies then sent?

A. ​We are pleased to clarify this, as several people have asked. The way it works is that each lesson is sent by email. You can print this out (it is designed to be printed out onto punched-hole paper, in fact, so you can assemble a nice looking folder). You do not have to be online to access the main lesson materials. Supplementary lesson materials do require you to go online - photo, sound and video clips, etc., plus slideshows and certain tests and quizzes. We realized at the outset that as this was an internationally available course, many people have slow connections or have to pay to be online. We therefore designed it to minimize the time required actually online. We also think it is easier and more pleasant to work through printed pages than to spend hours staring at a computer screen.

​Q. ​Are the materials available to me as a reference after completion (e.g., downloads or website) - or would I be better off opting for the postal materials?

A. ​Yes. You keep the printed lesson materials. We suggest you get a nice binder for these. They form a very useful and substantial reference book once they are compiled.

​Q. ​How many hours per week do you estimate to complete the course.

A.  ​Truly, that's hard to say, as people work at different rates. Our 'average' estimate is that each lesson may take 3-4 hours to work through properly, and complete assignments and do background reading. Some will do it faster - some slower. There is no time limit as such however - if you want to take two weeks, or a month, that is fine. You can work at your own rate. That's the benefit of this system.

​Q. ​Is the online course designed for 8 contiguous weeks of study or could I take a break after completing say weeks 1-4 and then resume week 5 at a later date?

A. ​As stated, you can do it at any rate you feel comfortable with. To maintain interest and flow however, we suggest that you should aim to complete within 6 months maximum. That is not compulsory - just a suggestion. Working at an average rate, most people will be able to complete it easily within 3-4 months. You can take a break anytime, however, then resume without difficulty.

​Q. ​I have just signed up for the course, but received more than one receipt from your on-line shopping basket system when I paid by credit card - does this mean I have been charged twice?

A.  ​No. One receipt is confirmation from the online system that your order was received, the other is a receipt for your credit card payment. If you have a probem during signing up (a browser crash, for example) it is possible that more than two receipts can be generated. This does not mean you have been charged more than once, however. If in doubt, contact us by email and we will investigate immediately.  In the rare event that a payment has been made in error, we will instantly refund you.

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